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Welcome to LinuxForce’s Managing FOSS for Business Results blog. In this blog we will share our thoughts, observations, and research on the full spectrum of issues involved in FOSS administration. Some of the topics we plan to address include the benefits of FOSS to organizations, reviews of the best in breed FOSS, reviews of other FOSS resources, management considerations, installation, configuration, integration, automation, delegation, migration, upgrades, and more.

A significant part of our effort here will be to develop and share our approach to systems administration which is based on Buckminster Fuller’s disciplines of Comprehensive, Anticipatory Design Science and Synergetics. We think this new approach to systems management plus some of the emergent properties of FOSS make possible a world in which Eternally Regenerative Software will gradually replace the non-integrated, hard to customize, challenging to upgrade legacy world of lock-in or proprietary software that has been predominate until very recently.

We are excited about the new management possibilities that FOSS can bring to organizations and we look forward to engaging in discussions on the exciting complex of issues relating to this new discipline of Managing FOSS for Business Results. We look forward to exploring these issues with you!

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Our Company LinuxForce’s principle service offering Remote Responder is our advanced IT (Information Technology) systems management facility to help organizations reap business results from FOSS. If you would like to discuss how we can bring our FOSS systems administration expertise to your organization, please Contact Us and we will be glad to help.

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