Elizabeth Krumbach

Elizabeth KrumbachElizabeth Krumbach is an international leader in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). She began using Linux in 2002, and founded the Philadelphia area LinuxChix Chapter in 2003 in an effort to meet, collaborate with and encourage more local women to get involved with Linux. Currently she holds a seat on the Ubuntu Community Council, the core governing board within the Ubuntu project. She has done extensive work in support of women in technology as an adminstrator in the Ubuntu Women Project, as well as having been involved with Debian Women and LinuxChix. She was invited by Canonical and participated in development of the 2009 revision of the Ubuntu Certified Professionals course, and currently is a leader in the Ubuntu Community Learning Project. Before moving to San Francisco in 2010 she coordinated the 4 chapters of the Philadelphia area Linux User Group (PLUG) and would coordinate events for the Ubuntu Pennsylvania Local/Community Team. Today she is heavily involved in San Francisco area Linux events and is an active event-planning member of the Ubuntu California team.

Elizabeth is also extensively involved with providing technical assistance to the FOSS community. She does work in the Ubuntu Beginners Team and has how-to documents published on her own blog and at Debian-Administration.org. She does volunteer systems administration for the server hosting UbuntuPennsylvania.org and Ubuntu-US.org, and local and international advocacy planning through involvement with the international Ubuntu Local/Community Teams. She frequently speaks at events and conferences on ways individuals can get involved in FOSS and tactics FOSS projects can use to attract new contributors to their projects. She also contributes to package development in Debian.

She has previously worked as a web developer, and joined LinuxForce in 2007. At LinuxForce she holds the role of Remote Responder Systems Administrator and is responsible for core Debian and Ubuntu systems administration and infrastructure development.

Read Elizabeth’s posts at https://blog.linuxforce.net/author/ekrumbach/.

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