Slides for my talk on “Automating X11 Keystrokes”

By CJ Fearnley

X11 is the graphical user interface most widely used on Linux operating systems. My slides and video demo for a short talk given at the Philadelphia area Linux Users Group (PLUG) on March 2nd are on-line. The slides briefly cover xrandr (which can also be used to set the screen resolution), xset, xwd / xwud, xdotool, and xautomation including xte. You can get the slides and watch the video at my page on Automating X11 Keystrokes.

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  1. jimcooncat says:

    I didn’t find xte when I needed to record and playback mouse movements — likely because it’s packaged as xautomation with some other tools. I did have reasonable success with xnee. One trick when using xnee was that I was having to “zero” the mouse between clicks by clicking in the upper left corner of my screen. (Actually it was two clicks, as that action would open my Gnome menu, so click again to close.) I’m guessing that mouse acceleration was messing with the cursor placement.

    The script xnee produces isn’t very approachable, lots of numerical coding for movement and placement, so I doubt it could be scriptable as simply as xte seems to be.

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